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Hi you!

I’m Jatta-Mari Harju, the proud founder of Rugby Shop Finland. Nice that you have found your way to our new website!

Rugby Shop Finland is an online rugby web store based in Helsinki, Finland, and our mission is to provide affordable and easily available rugby gear for the rugby players in Finland.

The story of this particular rugby online store starts way back. I started my own rugby career in 2008. Since that I’ve been on and off the field on a regularly irregular basis both in and outside Finland. Already in the year 2010, an idea of starting up a web store selling rugby gear got stuck in the back of my head and I couldn’t shake it off. Bit by bit the idea got clearer and I just had to act on it!

After I started Rugby Shop Finland, I have met a whole lot of amazing people involved with rugby in Finland and also had the pleasure to be involved in many rugby events such as Snow Rugby (2016), Midnight Rugby (2016), and the Finnish Rugby Finals (2015, 2016)! Thank you for inviting me and letting me do what I love!

Hope you like what I’m doing! In case of any questions, comments, or improvement ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you think!


Cheers, Jatta